The Tunic Top

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This is the first thing I’ve ever sewn! Well, technically it is not my first garment ever, I have made an “awesome” wrap skirt back in high school (I’ll have to see if I can find a picture of it, it was all different shades of blue, like a watercolor painting). I don’t think I’d wear that thing now but back then I loved it. Thankfully my style has changed and improved (at least I’d like to think so). Nevertheless, this feels like the first thing I made because it has been soo long and back then I had the help of a teacher and right now I just try to learn by myself with the help of the internet. And the internet is an awesome teacher, by the way. All the information I could ever want just waiting for me to have a question.

But this top felt like a first for me, and things did not exactly go smoothly. This is the tunic top out of the Great British Sewing Bee Book and this is the pattern that is included in paper version in the back. It is recommended to start with this top, but man those instructions were lacking. First I kind of butchered the zipper because they bascially just tell you to sew in the zipper. Thanks a lot!

I somehow managed to insert a zipper and it looks halfway decent, but then the instructions for the facing I did not get, even after watching a youtube video for like 10 times and searching for more help but I just could not figure it out. I ended up sewing the whole thing together with the stitches showing around the armholes.

ETA: I just found this tutorial for the Burrito Method and think this could explain how to add the facing in the correct way. I’ll have to study this when I have more time.

Ah well, next time I’ll try a different assembly method. I generally like the facing, more than adding bias tape so I am kind of disappointed it did not really work out as it should have.

I still like the fabric, though. I bought it in the fabric store inside of Loeb in Bern. It is this Art Gallery Fabric designed by Pat Bravo, which I realized is a quilting fabric so it is not ideal, but I just love the color and the design. I’ll just have to live with a bit of stiffness, and learn for my next purchase.

So I’ll keep this short, with a few awkward pictures of me in my new top, posing all by myself in our living room. Next time I’ll have to ask Michael for help with the pictures.


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